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Amsterdam Alternative needs you!

If you would like to become part of the AA collective as a regular or incidental contributor or volunteer, please contact us. It would be great if your mail could state your field of interest. Mail to info(at) 

Amsterdam Alternative is a non-profit organisation, a so-called ‘vereniging’ (foundation). All people working with AA are volunteers (all of us, there are no exceptions).
Contributing to Amsterdam Alternative means that you are part of the collective. It means that you work on a project you feel is important and that you don’t mind spending your time on it without a financial reward. We are all part of Amsterdam Alternative, because we want to contribute to the alternative scene of Amsterdam, to promote diversity, to learn from each other, to amplify the stories that need to be told, to offer and promote alternatives to the commercial mainstream and to work towards a free city.

In our functions overview you will find short descriptions of tasks and functions that are always needed in our organisation. However, if you have something else to offer that you think could benefit our collective and help us reach some of our goals, then please get in contact. Mail to: info(at) 

It is our collective efforts that make the difference!

Intern at Amsterdam Alternative

Amsterdam Alternative is a collective project that exists thanks to the people who chip in their time and dedication. The making of a newspaper, the organisation of discussion evenings and all our other projects involve a lot of work. There is always something to do: writing, creating/collecting images, research, organisation, distribution, promotion, administration, production and so on.
An internship at AA usually means that you work on a number of previously defined projects that suit your interests and/or education. This can vary from writing articles to doing a research project, making a photo documentary or helping organize a public event such as an AA talk. There are also all kinds of chores to be done, such as delivering newspapers, doing simple research jobs and so on. Interns do their work largely independently, but are also in constant coordination with editors, writers and image makers.
Interested? Contact us via info(at) 

Specification of functions

Text editor (English and/or Dutch)
Editing texts for the newspaper and our website. As an editor, you do things such as formatting texts and correcting spelling and grammar. This requires experience, accuracy and a good feel for language.

Amsterdam Alternative does not rely on one doctrine, slogan or statement. Different perspectives, ideas and backgrounds exist side by side, without the need to mold them into one homogeneous party line. AA offers space for alternative thinking in the city, expressed through experimentation in word and image. We value academic contributions as much as the wisdom of the street, appreciate thorough analysis as much as activism, value poetry as well as calls for protest.

Every two months we print 7500 copies of the AA newspaper. Printed newspapers are delivered to AA headquarters and then distributed by many volunteers throughout all neighbourhoods and corners of the city (and beyond). To get this job done, we need as many volunteers as possible. More helping hands means more people will have access to the free newspaper. From north to south, from east to west, from the Bijlmer to the Pijp, from Geuzenveld to the Centre. The newspaper must be available in every neighbourhood, accessible to everyone.

Photographers and illustrators
We live in an image-based society. Thus, a paper such as ours needs creative photographers and illustrators who can help us make an impression and get our arguments across. Whether they are used for illustration or as a stand-alone thing, we need images and we are always open for new ideas.

Advertising (Acquisition)
Printing a newspaper costs money. Just over € 1500 per edition to be precise. One way of earning that money is by selling adverts. We are looking for people who have communication skills to approach potential customers on behalf of AA and get them excited about advertising in our newspaper.

Social Media
Maintaining our social media channels is also an important task. We like to keep our followers informed about our releases, events and projects, but we also share relevant and appropriate content from third parties. The objective is to disseminate relevant information and increase our reach.

Video is a powerful medium that has taken over quite a considerable chunk of today's news and media streams. Unfortunately, much of the content that is spread on platforms such as YouTube comes from right-wing and/or conspiracy sources. This content conflicts with the principles of democratic freedom and emancipation that form the foundation of the alternative scene. We can not ignore this development and would therefore like to set up our own video division, creating and selecting content that we can share with our members and followers.
At the moment we have a channel on YouTube and a selection of videos on our website, but we need dedicated and qualified people to improve our video department.

Moderator for public discussions
Amsterdam Alternative frequently organizes public discussions. These are often about different topics related to the content and projects that we work on. We are looking for experienced and motivated moderators that can help us host these nights.